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Did you know?

- This year, over 11,000 people will   be killed by drunk drivers

- One person is injured in an alcohol-related crash every minute

- An average drunk driver has driven   drunk 87 times before their first   arrest

- 50 to 75% of convicted drunk   drivers continue to drive on a   suspended license
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You face many obstacles after being the victim of a drunk driving accident. In addition to your personal injury claim, Weinstein Law can help you with other services and resources such as:

- Life and Medical Insurance benefits
- Automobile Insurance benefits
- Employee benefits
- Social Security
- Veterans benefits
- Crime Victim’s Compensation
- State and County Social Services
- Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Has Your Life Been Shattered By A Drunk Driver?
Let Us Help You Put The Pieces Back Together.

Since 1987, Weinstein Law has helped put the pieces back together for victims of drunk drivers. Hundreds of people have turned to our drunk driving accident attorney after they or their loved ones have been killed or seriously injured in a drunk driving accident. Our drunk driving accident attorney is here to help the victims, their spouses, parents, children and siblings.

Here’s what we will do for you –

Within 24 hours of your contacting our office, our drunk driving accident lawyer will be there to meet with you and begin a thorough investigation of the drunk driving accident. We will sit down and discuss the legal, financial, medical and the emotional and physical demands of recovering, while seeking appropriate compensation for your loss and injuries. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you and your family are well taken care of. It may not seem like it now, but your future depends upon flawless attention to these many details.

It goes without saying that these cases involve a tremendous amount of emotional trauma. Fighting with insurance companies, arranging medical care, meeting with witnesses and evaluating all of your claims are complex tasks that an experienced drunk driving accident victim’s lawyer can help you with. You deserve to know your options and we are here to help in every step of your recovery.

You don’t pay us a dime. We only get paid if we collect money on your behalf.

Why You Need a Lawyer - For the very reason people still choose to risk injuries to innocent victims when they drink and drive, DENIAL. Our culture is in denial concerning drunk driving accidents. Today insurance companies and major corporations do not have a problem spending hundreds of thousands of dollars defending and delaying the payment of claims for innocent victims of drunk driving accident.

Victims of a drunk driving accident should seriously consider hiring an experienced drunk driving accident attorney. The right attorney and legal team can help you recover losses by negotiating with insurance claims adjusters and/or presenting your case in court. While you may choose to negotiate with an insurance claims adjuster yourself, remember that claims adjusters are trained to settle your claim for as little money as possible. Also, once you accept money from an insurance company, your claim is settled and there is little an attorney can do at that point to help you in the future.

Keep in mind that insurance claims adjusters record conversations and try to destroy your claims by getting you to say things that might hurt your case. A seasoned drunk driving accident attorney is experienced in negotiating with insurance companies; therefore, it is best to consult a drunk driving accident lawyer early to avoid emotional and financially painful mistakes. Also, studies clearly show that people who utilize a drunk driving accident lawyer receive higher settlements than people who negotiate their own claims—even after paying legal expenses.

We Will Help With All Aspects of Your Case - You face many obstacles after being the victim of a drunk driver. In addition to your personal injury claim, Weinstein Law can help you with other services and resources such as Life and Medical Insurance benefits, Automobile Insurance benefits, Employee benefits, Social Security benefits, Veterans benefits, Crime Victim’s Compensation, State and County Social Services and Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

Experience & Caring - We bring over twenty three years of experience in working with injury victims. We bring a team of paralegals, nurses, investigators, retired police offices, former insurance adjusters and the media to work on your case. More importantly, we are passionate about helping victims of drunk driving. We want to be there for you and your family and we want to be a part of keeping this from happening to anyone else.

Drunk Driving Accidents In The News -

Mitchell Green who served six years in army and took up the job of firefighter later might have saved several lives during his service, however, the drunk driving accident he caused resulted in death of a 41 year old woman Michelle Maxwell in February last year. Though the judge, while reading the sentence said that Green never meant to kill someone, he instigated a lethal drunk driving accident nonetheless. Green has been sentenced for 9 years in prison for this drunk driving accident. All his heroics erased overnight.

Jerry Maxwell, the husband of the deceased was hoping for a stricter punishment. He later stated that what is being done is done, and no amount of sentence can undo the losses caused to his family. He however hopes that drunk driving accidents should not be dealt with leniently, no matter who the perpetrator of the crime is.

It is not uncommon for employers to arrange events where they serve alcohol to the attendees. However, what is uncommon is when one of the attendees, who also are the employee of the hosts, causes a drunk driving accident and the administrator of the victim decides to sue the employer.

In this particular case of a typical drunk driving accident, an employee of an airline, after the party where she consumed alcohol was responsible for a drunk driving accident that not only killed her but also an innocent driver. The administrator of the victim then decided to sue the employer for serving alcohol; however, the law in Illinois protects employers under such complicated drunk driving accident cases.

In cases like these, an attorney who handles drunk driving accidents can be immensely helpful.

Juan Lopez-Bautista, 32, was charged with DUI when she was stopped in her 2002 Chevrolet SUV. Lopez-Bautista told a police officer that he drank two or three beers before getting behind the wheel.

Juan Lopez-Bautista was also charged with DUI with a child younger than 18 years in the car and driving without a license. His license was suspended back in 2003 due to a previous DUI arrest.

The breathalyzer he was given showed a reading of 0.141 and 0.138.

Margo Dooley, 33, told the police that she had snorted a line of cocaine and was intoxicated as she was trying to turn left onto Forbes Avenue.

Dooley, who didn't have a license, has been arraigned and now has a hearing Wednesday over her drunk driving. She is being charged with endangering the welfare of children, driving under the influence and several other criminal charges.

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